Sunday, February 23, 2014 Review

Since the purpose of this blog is to raise awareness for Net Neutrality, I found a site online that is exclusively devoted to the cause to protect Net Neutrality:, a site created by

The purpose of is to raise awareness for why Net Neutrality is important for the economic, individual and political freedoms of individuals who use the Internet, especially in the wake of the DC Court of Appeals decision in the Verizon vs. the FCC case which sets the stage for the end of Net Neutrality. They also bring up that the telecommunication companies' attempts to take over the Internet and turn it into another outlet like Cable TV is not only an infringement on our First Amendment rights it is also an infringement on our basic unalienable human rights such as the right to assemble privately and freedom of expression.

The site also offers helpful information in regards to Internet Freedoms, an expose in regards to the NSA's use of the Internet to spy on not only American citizens but also people all over the world as it was revealed by Edward Snowden last year. It also showcases tools, events, and also has a section where you can take action and sign petitions to assist in the fight to preserve Net Neutrality and end the government and telecommunication companies' infringement of our rights in regards to the Internet.

So if you believe in Net Neutrality and want to help in the fight for a free and open Internet, I highly recommend this site and I urge you to check it out. Here is the link if you see the site:

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